MAKATIDENTSCAN provides a comprehensive series of services designed to support your treatment plan. The services are available individually or in packages to support common issues:


CBCT ScanPanaromic X-RayDigital Photography3D Planning3D Designing
CBCT Scan of Mandible
Ct Scan Maxilla
Analog Panorama

Analog Panorama (20 Sec Time Exposure)

Digital Panorama

Digital Panorama (8 Sec Time Exposure)


Nowadays, where clearer panoramic x-rays are a must for every clinician, as a reliable source for orthodontics, extractions, and so many functions, one has to fill out that needs of many.

At MakatiDentScan we’re doing our best to provide you a good digital Panoramic X-ray analysis.

  • Digital Panorama (8 Sec Time Exposure)
  • Clearer Captured Image
  • Comes with a free viewer and software so anyone can view it at home or at clinic.

Xray Pano

Panoramic projection – is an overview image that is used to show the upper and lower jaws erupted and unerupted teeth, and to evaluate root morphology, TMJ and sinuses.