Analog Panorama

Analog Panorama (20 Sec Time Exposure)

Digital Panorama

Digital Panorama (8 Sec Time Exposure)


Nowadays, where clearer panoramic x-rays are a must for every clinician, as a reliable source for orthodontics, extractions, and so many functions, one has to fill out that needs of many.

At MakatiDentScan we’re doing our best to provide you a good digital Panoramic X-ray analysis.

  • Digital Panorama (8 Sec Time Exposure)
  • Clearer Captured Image
  • Comes with a free viewer and software so anyone can view it at home or at clinic.

Xray Pano

Panoramic projection – is an overview image that is used to show the upper and lower jaws erupted and unerupted teeth, and to evaluate root morphology, TMJ and sinuses.